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Your Gym is exactly that – ABOUT YOU and your personal goals. Good vibes can only be found at Your Gym, where amazing instructors create a welcoming community. Get challenged to push your limits, cut loose and have a blast.

Enjoy training in a modern, light and bright environment with large windows and views out across the golf course Your Gym has a fully equipped state of the art gym where we know you can get on track and get the results you want.

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Studio Classes

Our large spacious studio with windows all around creates the perfect atmosphere Whether you are in the mood for calorie-torching cardio, strength, Les Mills or restorative yoga, we have classes for every goal, all included free with your gym membership.

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Get the most from your gym time with help from an experienced and fully qualified personal trainer. From creating custom workouts to getting you past your hump-day, our personal trainers will work with you to reach your personal goals whether you have never stepped into a gym or those looking for the next challenge

Not sure who to go with? Below, you will find the personal bios of our staff of trainers. Find the person that fits your needs and get in touch today!

Jordan Brown

Personal Trainer

My passion for fitness and how the body works has been with me since school. I became a coach 10 years ago now and enjoy motivating people to achieve their goals and make it enjoyable along the way.

Being involved in rugby for over 15 years I know what it takes to increase and maintain fitness. Something that proves difficult is keeping the body injury free but this is where my strengths lie.
As a fully qualified Sports Massage Therapist working for The Ross Knevett Sports Injury Clinic on site, I can improve your bodies overall function correctly and safely!

What I enjoy most is the psychological benefit exercise has to offer. Mental health is so important and watching someone achieve their goals is not only beneficial for you but satisfactory for me also.

I’ve worked with people just starting out, right through to Team GB Athletes and Commonwealth gold medalists. I can help you get to your desired destination.


Injury Prevention

Liam Clayton

Gym Manager

With 15 years experience in the fitness industry I've worked in every area of the health and fitness business and I'm still as passionate now as I was when I started 16 years ago. My passion for helping people achieve there goals has lead me to help lots of clients achieve there health and fitness goals.

Since completing my qualification with the titleist performance institute I've helped golfers of all levels improve there physical capabilities through mobility and strength work in the gym. As well as working with golfers I've spent a lot of time working with young athletes from other sports who are looking to better there performance and excel in there chosen sport. With my experience in the industry and your hard work and dedication together we can achieve your fitness goals and more.

As manager of Your Gym I am here to make sure you get the most from your gym membership and that you are enjoying your Your gym experience.

Rob Harvey

Personal Trainer

Working in the fitness industry is a passion and lifestyle, not just a job to me. I started my own fitness journey getting into running which led me on to run the London Marathon for Cancer Research.

After the marathon I had Personal Training myself, which I found invaluable, especially with building my confidence, lifting weights and trying new things. The training inspired me to start Crossfit about 2 years ago (which I now train and compete in) and also to qualify as a Personal Trainer and class instructor myself.

I love helping people to achieve their health and fitness goals and also to help give people the ability to overcome any nerves or reservations they may have about using the gym. I make every workout varied and interesting for all my clients as I believe having fun and enjoying training is the key to keeping it up long term and making it more of a lifestyle choice than a short term fix.

I am passionate about how a healthy lifestyle can improve mental health and how nutrition goes hand in hand with that whether your goals are weight loss, muscle gain or nutrition for performance in sports or the gym. Nutrition is key to seeing results alongside exercise.

Dean Grotier

Personal Trainer

Are you ready to realise your true potential?

My name is Dean and I am here to do just that. There are lots of barriers that each and everyone of us all have to face when considering our own fitness and health.

I aim to break these down one by one so that I can help you see what you are really capable of.
Although my own journey started relatively late it has certainly shown me that age should not be one of those barriers.

I have also learnt first hand how vital the correct nutrition is, not only for your fitness but more importantly for your long term health which should always come first.


YMCA level 2 gym instructor
YMCA level 3 personal trainer

Elliott Chapman

Personal Trainer

Since being introduced to the fitness industry at 15 I have never looked back. The human body is a fascinating machine and the fact that no two are ever the same makes it even more so.
As a personal trainer there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone move more efficiently or feel better about themselves or even just live a healthier lifestyle.

Personal training is all about creating a suitable, relative and progressive path for an individual.
Progress can be made in a variety of ways, be it more energy, confidence, muscular development or even weight loss...

I work closely with my clients to ensure that together we get them to where they want to be.
As well as being passionate about the physicality of training I am also heavily interested in the mind, self-improvement and making progress in every aspect of life.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer - Reps Level 3
NASM Health & Fitness Coach Level 2
Premier Certificate in Kettlebell Training
Nutrition & Weight Management - Advanced
Health & Fitness Lifestyle Analysis

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What our members say…

I have been a member of Your Gym at Playgolf Colchester for over 2 years now. During that time Liam and the team have helped me transform my fitness, my motivation, my confidence and my enjoyment. I attend a different class every day ranging from Yoga and relaxation to High Impact Interval Training. Each class offers something new and varied so I never get bored. The team adapt the exercises to suit all levels of challenge and are always there to correct your technique, offer encouragement and even to push you just a little bit harder to exceed your fitness goals. The gym has a good range of equipment and whether my focus is strength or cardio, the staff are always supportive, knowledgeable and welcoming. The exercise studio and gym floor have lots of natural light and look out over the green fields of the golf course. There is always a friendly, positive atmosphere and there’s plenty of parking.

Katie Tait

I’ve been a member of Your Gym for almost a year now and originally joined to do the usual cardio-based exercises to help my fitness for Netball. Since the new team have been in place, I have learned a lot about strength training and the benefits it has on the body and this has really increased my overall fitness. I would’ve never trained like this before but the team have given me a lot of support! I also really like the HIIT sessions lead by the team as they’re always different and fun! It’s great because they adapt to individual needs so you never feel like you can’t do it! The gym always has a great atmosphere and its really nice being greeted with a hello from the staff and the members.